Custom Body Fitness for Seniors

Sports / Clinical Bodywork- is a type of massage which breaks
down adhesions (knots in the muscles), increases range of motion, promotes muscle balance, stretches tight muscles,
and relieves pain due to injury / strain.  

This type of session is not your typical "spa massage".  The session typically goes straight to the source of the clients pain, tightness, or decreased range of motion by releasing muscles around the problem area.

Bodywork techniques include trigger point, Chinese cupping, assisted stretching, ice, heat, lymphatic movement, and homecare suggestions.

We may work around your clothing or we will give you a robe to wear during the treatment. 
Our charge is $ 1.00 a minute. The length of the session can be 20 minutes or up to 2 hours. It's up to you!

Restore Your Body- with Sports / Clinical  Bodywork
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